ObjTrx Corporation - Windows, Mobile & Web Application Development and Consulting


What We Do

We design and implement applications or do consulting to help you with yours. We have a lot of experience with many of the latest technologies and have been doing .NET since its first release.

Most of our experience is in the Health Care and Retail industries. Understanding the business area can be a great catalyst in app development and design, especially in complex business areas.


Web Applications

  • Work well 'inside' and 'outside' business firewalls and networks
  • Installation on each device not needed
  • Can design for desktop, tablet, and mobile with same code
  • Has more security features built-in
  • But - Must be connected
  • Cross browser development can be tedious and time consuming

Windows Applications

  • Are easy to design and implement
  • Rich features and user experience
  • Wonderful for large amounts of data entry
  • Least costly type of Development
  • Installs on to every PC making configuration mgmt more difficult
  • But- Can only be used in Windows Environment

Mobile Applications

  • Perfect fit for mobile devices
  • Rich features and user experience
  • Can work in a disconnected state
  • Installs on to every device making configuration mgmt more difficult
  • But - Separate code must be written for each target (Apple, Google, Microsoft) - making development more expensive than others